A ventilator is a machine that supports a vital life function as it gets oxygen to the lungs to improve breathing. Here, at Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care, all of our residents require round-the-clock medical care to support this ongoing treatment.

As you might expect, limited breathing function affects all aspects of these individuals’ lives. It requires them to be dependent on another—maybe for the first time in their lives. It limits their ability to get up out of bed. It can easily lead to other medical complications.

However, even though they are dealing with chronic illnesses, we work to support our residents holistically. We encourage daily mobility; support engagement with family, friends, and other residents; and even develop personal relationships with our residents as they are cared for by the same staff members over the years.


Better Options is a long-term care facility that provides state-of-the-art equipment like overhead ceiling lifts, x-ray machines for in-house scans, and in-facility pulmonologist visits. We also work with three physicians who visit during regular house calls and provide a low 1:3 caregiver to patient ratio. In addition, we provide transportation to outside doctor and hospital visits, advocate for patients and families to ensure the care they need is properly covered by insurance, and develop personalized care plans for each person.

Each resident has their vitals checked and respiratory care provided every shift by our staff of experienced, professional nurses who go above and beyond to offer the best care imaginable. In addition to attentive nursing care, our staff provides companionship, facilitates interactions with other residents and family members, and creates an environment that is full of joy and vitality.

In fact, our residents become our extended family as living at Better Options is very similar to living right at home, but with access to necessary medical care.

If you have a family member or patient who is 18-years or older, is bed dependent, and requires ventilation, there is no better place than our long-term care facility.

At Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care, we believe in providing the best, personalized care for our residents. We are dedicated to helping them lead fuller and richer lives and can’t wait to meet you both. That’s why residents come from near and far to live at our homes in Vancouver, WA.

Does this sound like the right place for you? For more information about Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care, the services we can provide, or life as a resident, reach out today: (360) 607-8028.


We invite you to learn more about us, and the services we offer for your ventilator-dependent patient, family member, or for yourself. If you are a social worker, physician or nurse looking for a ventilated care facility for your patient, please visit the page For Health Care Providers. If you are a family member looking for a homelike facility for your ventilator-dependent loved one, please visit the page For Family Members. If you are a ventilator-dependent person, please visit the page For the Patient.

Feel safer, feel more relaxed – feel at home!

Our residents consistently tell us that they “feel safer and more relaxed” at our facility!

What our residents have to say

"Since I moved here from a nursing home, I no longer feel stressed."

"After years of being in nursing facilities, this is first time I feel safe."

We'd love to have you become a resident at Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care.