6 Reasons to Choose Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care

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April 11, 2019
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May 7, 2019

Sometimes in life we’re faced with difficult decisions, and choosing a long-term living facility for a loved one is a big one. While you would love to be able to provide the around-the-clock specialized care that your family member requires, at some point, it just may not be possible. That’s why our team at Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care tries to make the transition as easy as possible.

We welcome you and your family with open arms and provide you with a trusted, capable staff that can offer the various medical services you’re looking for. Here are six reasons to choose Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care:

1. When Our Residents Live Here, It’s Just Like Home

Certainly you’re seeking a long-term living situation that can provide the proper medical care, but just as important is the mental and emotional care that your family receives.

It’s never an easy step moving away from home or switching living situations, especially when ventilator services are required, but when our residents live here, it’s not just a medical facility, it’s home.

Our location in Vancouver, Washington, is actually two homes with private rooms for each resident. We also have a garden where residents can partake in growing vegetables, family and friends are welcome daily, and holidays are celebrated.

If you’re looking for a place where you can rest assured knowing that your family member is relaxed and enjoying life while receiving top-notch care, then this is the place to be.

2. Family Is Always Welcome at Better Options

How much you’re able to visit your family member when they live at Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care is up to you and your schedule, but you are always welcome.

Some of our residents have visitors every day, others weekly. But no matter what works for your family’s schedule, we’ll accommodate you because you’re as welcome as the residents.

Looking to throw a gathering? That’s possible too. Remember, this is your family member’s home.

3. Attentive Care Is Provided

Above all is the health and safety of our residents. That’s why medical care comes first. And unlike many medical facilities, we welcome and specialize in ventilator care.

This is when a machine helps support vital life functions by providing oxygen to the lungs to improve breathing. But it’s not just ventilator care that helps residents maintain their health. That’s why we encourage and assist each person to get out of bed and walk at least a little each day.

All residents also have their vitals checked each day and whenever needed; in-house laboratory blood tests and x-rays can also be taken. This limits the need for hospital visits since we can take care of most medical care directly at Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care.

6 Reasons to Choose Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care

4. You’re Not Just a Number

Some long-term facilities are so crowded and staff turnover is so high that residents don’t receive the personalized care they deserve. This is not the case here.

At our facility, there is a maximum of just 12 residents at a time, and the caregiver-to-resident ratio is a low 1:3. In fact, our staff and residents spend so much time together, and it quickly becomes like an extended family.

Our staff provides the companionship the residents crave, facilitate interaction with other residents, and create a joyful environment for residents and visitors alike.

Here, residents are cared for holistically, and our staff is passionate about the challenging and rewarding work they’re engaged in on a daily basis.

5. We Advocate for You

Our nurses are phenomenal advocates for the residents. Since we provide 24/7 long-term medical care and the staff sees the patients day in and day out, they are often the ones who request labs, medication adjustments, and the like. And since we have direct contact with all physicians treating each patient, with just a quick phone call, the nurses are able to get the residents the treatments they need.

In addition to advocating for their health, our nurses also help family members navigate insurance issues. Attempting to gain approval for specific medical services can be a real challenge, especially for those unfamiliar with the intricate medical language. For this reason, our staff works with the proper medical team and insurance companies to jump through these hoops.

While this might not be something you anticipate needing, when your insurance wants to charge you for a wheelchair that is medically necessary and our staff helps resolve the dispute, you’ll be forever grateful that you can simply enjoy the relationship with your family member, free from medical burdens.

6. We Carry State-of-the-Art Equipment

You might not care about the brand of x-ray and in-house scan machines we use, but you may be glad to know that we also are equipped with overhead ceiling lifts.

Overhead ceiling lifts allow us to more easily transport residents to and from bed to allow for more mobility. This is a great asset for those who are overweight or simply have mobility issues that make movement of any kind more challenging.

It also protects our staff so that they aren’t struggling to help someone twice their size to move from a bed to a chair. This limits work-related injuries, keeping our staff healthy, happy, and ready to care for your loved one.

All six of these reasons to select Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care are great reasons to move our facility to the top of your list. But it doesn’t end there. Each resident here receives personalized care plans that are developed holistically with their medical team to ensure the best quality of life. Residents are encouraged to engage with others and are provided with the most independence possible while we care for their medical needs. We take a whole-person approach to care.

We are dedicated to our residents’ health and well-being here and look forward to caring for your loved one. If this sounds like the right place for your family, reach out to us today to learn more.

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