5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Between Ventilator Care Facilities

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April 23, 2019
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We know you face many difficult decisions when placing a loved one in a long-term care facility. You’re choosing a place for years of care, a place that will become home. You want your loved one to be as comfortable and happy as possible.

Ventilator care facilities may look similar on the surface. However, they’re more specialized than other forms of long-term care, such as nursing homes. But what makes one care facility better than another?

If you’ve never had to select a long-term care facility for a loved one before, you may not be familiar with how they can vary. To help you decide, ask some questions about each care facility to see which is the best choice.

1. How good is their medical equipment?5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Between Ventilator Care Facilities

Your loved one will first and foremost be in a facility to get medical care, so one of the first things you should ask is what equipment they have.

Ventilator care facilities are specialized. While places like ICUs and nursing homes can take care of people using ventilators, they are more general and might not always have state-of-the-art equipment.

Better Options has state-of-the-art, hospital-quality equipment. And because we only treat people who need ventilators, we can invest in specialized equipment that will directly benefit your loved one.

For instance, many other facilities have a wheeled lift that needs to be moved from room to room, and patients have to wait their turn, delaying treatment. Here at Better Options, we recognize that’s a problem. So we have ceiling-mounted lifts in each of our rooms. Residents never have to wait their turn to be treated.

Even other facilities that specialize in ventilator care don’t have some of the amenities we do, meaning that patients have to be transported to other medical facilities to have treatments or tests completed.

Depending on your loved one’s needs, he or she may need specialized equipment. If you know, be sure to ask if the care facilities have these specific items.

2. How good of a relationship do staff members have with patients?

You want your loved one to have the best care possible and not have to wait for hours to have needs met. You also want him or her to get along with the staff.

Ask the facilities you’re considering what their nurse-to-resident ratio is. The fewer patients there are per nurse, the less waiting there will be. Patients can have daily medical tasks completed sooner and have their needs met quickly, both urgent and non-urgent.

Other than providing more attentive medical care, having a low ratio means that nurses and residents can develop close bonds.

Better Options has a 3-to-1 resident-to-nurse ratio, which is very low compared to other places, which might have up to 20 patients for every nurse. Our staff is attentive and kind. Our nurses enjoy getting to know our residents as people, not just patients. Residents and staff even develop family-like bonds over the years.

3. Does the facility feel like home?

A more home-like environment can ease your loved one’s transition into living in a long-care facility. And over time, patients who are more comfortable have lower stress and a higher quality of life, which can benefit their health.

What contributes to a homey atmosphere?

  • Not being stuck in a sterile, impersonal medical environment.
  • The ability to have favorite, comforting things from home.
  • Celebrating holidays and special events.
  • Not being restricted by visiting hours, so family doesn’t have to leave by a certain time.

Better Options is in a customized home. While it has been modified to fit all the necessary medical equipment our residents need, our rooms and common areas look like what you’d find in a home, not in a hospital.

Each of our residents has a private room, which they can personalize as much as they would like. We provide furnishings, but residents can bring their own furniture if that makes things more comfortable.

We allow pets.

And we can even cook our residents’ favorite foods.

Better Options also has an open-door policy, allowing for visitors on our patients’ schedules, not ours. Overnight stays are welcome, as are family gatherings in our common areas. And if your loved one is fit to travel home for a special event, we can even provide transportation for that.

We believe our residents should be able to live as normally as possible and shouldn’t have to have their health restrict them from living.

4. Does the facility work to improve the residents’ quality of life?

Ask the facilities you’re considering how they work to improve their residents’ quality of life. On top of having positive patient-staff relationships and the comforts of home, other things can also encourage a balanced life.

Better Options’ residents say that they feel less stressed and more relaxed here than at other facilities. This is in part because we aim to give our residents a balanced life. While top-notch medical care is, of course, our highest priority, we also want positive physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Our holistic approach recognizes that our residents are more than just patients. They’re people who should have a well-rounded life, no matter what their health circumstances are.

We encourage activities that give as much independence and mental stimulation as possible to our residents. It can be difficult having to be dependent on others for care, and we try to make that transition easier.

Residents and staff alike celebrate special events like birthdays and holidays.

Our staff has time to talk to residents about their mental well-being and what’s going on emotionally.

We have common areas and an outside garden area, allowing residents to spend time out of their rooms.

We want everyone in our care to have the best quality life possible.

5. What is the reputation of the facility?

Ask around—doctors who work with patients needing full-time ventilator care will be able to recommend the care facilities with the best reputations for high-quality care.

Better Options takes pride in our excellent reputation as one of the top ventilator care facilities in the region. The quality of our equipment, staff, and holistic approaches to care show how we genuinely care about our residents as if they were members of our own family.

We invite you to learn more about our facility by exploring our website and by contacting us if you have any questions or think that Better Options would be the perfect fit for your loved one.

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