What to Expect When You Become a Resident at Better Options

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May 7, 2019
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May 22, 2019

Life can change in an instant, and often, we’re unprepared for the changes. It can be difficult to predict the future, but we must plan for it. At Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care, we want to help you plan for a comfortable stay. Transitioning from one lifestyle to another can be challenging, so we’ll help you prepare for it as best we can. Here’s what you can expect when you become part of our Better Options family.

Supportive Environment

What to Expect When You Become a Resident at Better Options

We call you family because when you’re a resident at Better Options, that’s what you become. We’re a small facility, caring for only 12 residents at a time. That means you’ll receive around-the-clock specialized care and attention. Our 24-hour nursing staff gets to know both your personal and medical needs. At Better Options, we are a close-knit community. And that high level of care and professionalism means that our residents experience fewer medical issues and health problems.

If you or your family member is considering a stay at Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care, our team will work with your health care provider to ensure a smooth transition. Once you’re referred to our facility, a nursing supervisor will review the physician’s orders, complete a needs assessment, and develop a tailored care plan developed especially for you. Your referring physician will then review your individualized care plan. Our nursing supervisor will also stay in close contact with your family and our nursing staff to ensure a smooth transition from hospital patient to specialty care resident.

Quality of Life

At Better Options, we understand that while you may need a little extra help, you still want to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle. There are a number of ways in which we strive to improve your quality of life.

First, each of our twelve bedrooms is equipped with an overhead lift so that we can help those with limited mobility get up and move with ease. Your bedroom can also be decorated according to your personal tastes. We want you to feel relaxed and have all the comforts of home, so you can choose to bring your own furnishings or use the furnishings provided. In fact, under certain conditions, you’re even able to bring your pet with you.

Once outside your bedroom, there’s much to explore at Better Options. Our common areas have a computer, television, and piano that can be enjoyed by each of our residents. Outside, residents can indulge in the parklike setting on our outdoor deck or covered gazebo. There, you’ll be able to enjoy our garden, where we grow fresh vegetables and flowers.

We also provide three delicious meals and two snacks daily. Your meals can be made to order at any time. We also have an extensive library so that you can feed your mind and soul as well.

We believe in making you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. That means making sure you’re still able to enjoy the people and places that were part of your life before your stay at Better Options. If you ever want to leave the grounds, we offer transportation and an accompanying caregiver for you to visit your family or favorite locations.

Peace of Mind

At Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care, we believe in a holistic health care approach. We have a low caregiver-to-patient ratio, with one medical professional for every three patients. Furthermore, we have state-of-the-art medical equipment and three physicians who visit during regular house calls.

But in addition to providing quality medical care, we also believe in socialization and strong personal relationships. For that reason, we offer an open-door policy, allowing your family and friends to visit when it’s most convenient for them. You’re also able to host family gatherings for special occasions. And we’ll celebrate birthdays and holidays along with you!

Our staff also provides companionship and forms deep bonds with our residents. We’ll help facilitate interactions with other residents in our small, family-like setting. Our caregivers are also health advocates who will lobby on your behalf and ensure that necessary medical care is covered by insurance. We’ll work tirelessly to do whatever we can to put you at ease and provide you with peace of mind.

Overall Well-Being

While we cannot guarantee the health of you or your loved one, we can guarantee that we will provide top-notch care. As we said before, we provide a holistic approach to resident care. That means we provide a wide range of medical services, such as respiratory and tracheotomy care, weaning assistance, and pulmonary disease management. We also provide wound care for postoperative wounds and wound pain management.

As well as caring for the physical well-being of our residents, we also nourish the emotional and mental well-being as well. This includes contracting with social workers to assist our residents with the adjustment of being ventilator-dependent. Our social workers will work with you or your loved one to help them with the psychological effects of the transition and assist them in adjusting to their new lifestyle. All of this leads to improved health while in our care.

We understand that you have an important decision ahead of you. So we encourage you to visit our facility and experience it firsthand. Feel free to ask any questions. We want you to be confident that Better Options is the right choice for you.

This is a choice that shouldn’t be made lightly. It’s also something you shouldn’t have to go through alone. So we’ll walk you through every step of the way, beginning with a walk through our facility. Instead of simply telling you about Better Options Ventilator Specialty Care, we want to show you everything we have to offer. So give us a call and plan a visit.

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