How Better Options Supports Residents with Holistic Care

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May 14, 2019
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June 7, 2019

For some people, medical care is part of life. Their medical conditions require them to be in and out of doctors’ offices, trying to find the best resources and attention to help them live their best lives.

But that shouldn’t mean living a clinical lifestyle, where being a number is part of the process.

That’s why at Better Options we take a different approach. We incorporate holistic care into everything we do.

Holistic care contributes to well-being and quality of life and gives a sense of purpose to patients and their families. It considers all aspects of living, including physical, psychological, and social needs. Why medicate if you don’t have to? Why follow regimented routines when a patient prefers something else? We ask questions like that all the time.

And we listen to your answers.

That’s the difference with a holistic care approach.

What Is a Holistic Care Approach to Medicine?

The more you use today’s medical system, the more you realize it doesn’t provide all the answers. Holistic care is designed to pick up where a more traditional route to Western medicine leaves off. It’s an alternative care route designed to help you in the ways you need it most.

That’s not to say you’re not receiving top-quality care. Instead, holistic care is designed with you in mind. It’s a personalized approach. It realizes that every body responds differently to medications and treatments. The longer you are in the system, the more vulnerable you become to adverse effects from long-term use. Side effects quickly multiply, and sometimes the supposed benefits come into question.

A holistic care approach provides more grounded benefits. It gives you a place to feel comfortable, for you to be your best. It nurtures a strong community that gives you a personalized approach to mind-body wellness. It gives you a chance to decide what’s best for your unique needs.

How Better Options Supports Residents with Holistic Care

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness means taking care of you. It includes things like maintaining a healthy diet, establishing a proper sleep routine, and remaining active throughout the day. It can include things like:

  • Healthy, nutritious meal preparation
  • Personalized assistance with daily tasks to empower residents to remain independent
  • A warm, welcome living space that makes you feel like you’re at home

Emotional Wellness

Mindset is everything. That never changes throughout our lives. We understand that and build that into our holistic care. Our community fosters independence and helping you and your family manage stress and build self-esteem by:

  • Having fully furnished private rooms, or bring your own decor
  • Allowing pets to serve as support
  • Having an open-door policy; come anytime
  • Offering unlimited Wi-Fi and access to our resource center

Intellectual Wellness

No matter where we are in life, creativity and motivation are the keys to thriving. We provide a variety of resources to help our residents discover new things every day:

  • Beautiful grounds for you to enjoy
  • Extensive libraries to learn and grow
  • Unlimited computer and internet access
  • Transportation to visit family or attend events you want to see

Social Wellness

Social wellness means creating strong ties to your community, both family and friends. It means having a support system that allows you to live your best life. Isolation increases the chance of facing future health problems. So we provide a place that allows you to continue building personal connections:

  • A 24-hour support staff that provides personalized services
  • A location that fosters building relationships
  • Family and friends welcome, open door policy night and day

Environmental Wellness

Being stuck in a room all day does little to foster health and wellness. That’s why we’ve built a community that exudes comfort and provides you with a feeling of home. Get out into our gardens and share private time with loved ones. Or host a dinner party with family or friends. Having the right living space to take charge helps connect you to the surrounding world.

Spiritual Wellness

We all need a sense of purpose to thrive. We need to connect with others and align our beliefs with what’s possible here in the now. No matter what your beliefs, we have a staff dedicated to providing you with space and time to put your beliefs into action.

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Care?

When you take a holistic care approach to treatment, it’s designed to pick up where traditional medicine fails. It’s an alternative when nothing else seems to be working for you.

And in our opinion, that’s where most care facilities fall short.

Here, you’re a resident, not a patient. We know this will be your home 24 hours of the day.

We know you can’t thrive in a cold, clinical location. We know being treated as a number rather than a person only intensifies your reaction to your medical treatment.

Quality of life is everything. That’s why we take a different approach. That’s why we personalize everything with you in mind.

We’ve built a home the way you would build your own. We’ve selected a location in a residential setting, so it feels like a neighborhood, not a medical facility. We have a park-like setting that allows you to go outside and breathe fresh air. Or open the doors and windows and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest—truly beautiful as we move through the seasons.

Quality Health Care

Yet we also add the systems to ensure high-quality care. If you need ventilator support, we’re here for you. We provide respiratory care, including ventilator management. We help manage pulmonary disease. We offer tracheostomy care. We help with weaning assistance.

When you are first referred to our facility, we take the time to listen to your needs. We work with your medical staff to ensure we can tailor our services to suit your needs. We provide assessments to develop a care plan that works for you. And we do so in a way that brings your needs, your family’s wishes, and your medical teams’ requirements together in a way that’s unique to you.

With all of that in place, you’ll have a smooth transition when you move into our care. You’ll find the process less stressful, more mindful, and with quicker adaptation.
Still have questions? We’re only a phone call away.

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