June 7, 2019

7 Tips for Choosing Ventilator Care Facilities

Choosing a ventilator care facility for you or your loved one can be a very difficult decision. Since it’s such an important choice, there are a […]
May 22, 2019

How Better Options Supports Residents with Holistic Care

For some people, medical care is part of life. Their medical conditions require them to be in and out of doctors’ offices, trying to find the […]
May 14, 2019

What to Expect When You Become a Resident at Better Options

Life can change in an instant, and often, we’re unprepared for the changes. It can be difficult to predict the future, but we must plan for […]
May 7, 2019

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Between Ventilator Care Facilities

We know you face many difficult decisions when placing a loved one in a long-term care facility. You’re choosing a place for years of care, a […]